Why you should pay for a quote.

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Is a free quote any different than paying for one?

You wouldn’t go to a dentist to get a free examination on your teeth? Same goes for your house!

You want to keep it, long as possible.

Cutting costs on repairs, maintenance and installations done according to Australian Standards, will cost you.

What is a free quote?

A free quote is exactly that, it’s FREE without charge.

Are there any advantages to offering free quotes?

Offering free estimates has potential benefits for expanding clientele and connecting with as many people. It makes it easy for the customer to obtain several quotes without having to commit to anything.

Offering free quotes sets them apart from those who charge. They compete with other businesses that provide free quotes.

Can be a great marketing tool…

Other sole traders and large companies may offer free quotes, as it is a bulk way to reach out to potential clients. A selling strategy used for many years. (Things were different back in the day) It can be used in their marketing materials, leading to a free quote button on a website with direct phone call to entice customers.

It can save time and effort.

A free quote is really a complimentary quote, assuming the client is aware of the cost implicated. Usually, one total amount, without any breakdown of details, labour and material costs. An approximation is provided most often done verbally, through email or sent as a text message.

Upon the customer’s request for a breakdown of labour and materials, payment is required, saving the need to provide an accurate quote based on actual costs at project completion.

Negatives in offering free quotes.

Unfortunately, obtaining a free quote technically remains a verbal agreement. Having too many choices to choose from can be confusing taking up your valuable time. Free quotes often lack a streamlined approach. Minimal details offered in exchange for their process, materials sourced, used etc. You can’t expect too much from a free quote that has a, don’t ask, don’t tell policy!

More flexible and less effort!

It takes time for a quote to be formulated, with all the correct and precise details. A handyperson that reflects their work ethic, and has attention to detail needs to access every aspect of the work demands. From materials to labour, longevity fit for purpose etc. It is easier to show up and provide a dollar figure for most jobs.

The end goal is to save time, guarantee a high-quality outcome, and minimise total surprises!

When you pay for a quote, challenges are anticipated, costs, and timelines are not overlooked.

Free quotes, depends on what works best for their business, and the type of clients they choose to do business with!

Free quotes can be for a small, straightforward project like painting one wall or assembling a small table.

A comprehensive quote is required for jobs with time constraints, particular looks and feel, choice of materials and their application and their method. Multiple works/ jobs, complications, detailed craftsmanship, modifications, precision installations, and quality products requiring attention to detail.

What are some of the advantages, paying for a quote?

All interactions are professional from the beginning. The quoting process is streamlined. When you accept the callout/quote fee, you get a tradesperson arriving on your doorstep everytime. Additional time is spent in consultation to discuss the jobs, in further detail, anticipated timeframes and any obstacles that may prevent or the delay the works is thought of and conveyed to you.

A paid quote comes with a professionally laid out written agreement that has a breakdown of costs and setting realistic expectations every time. . Once the quote is accepted, the projects starts on the agreed date. Charging for quotes means delivering on our word, to keep our reputation.

If necessary, return to your premises a second time to compile more data to achieve the best result and continue to formulate the quote. (Doing whatever it takes to do the best job)

Hold on … Obtaining 2-3 quotes can be expensive?

What’s more expensive? Paying again for the work to be done right the first time?

Are there any disadvantages of paying for quotes?

There is a cost. The customer needs to pay in order to receive a quote.

Are there any questions I should be asking the handyperson?

Most certainly, you wouldn’t let a dentist perform work on your teeth without asking any questions, same goes with a handyperson. Ask several questions and discuss realistic expectations!

To help, you get started, consider these starter questions based on your needs.

Q. Do you have a unique approach to all different tasks?

Q. Our project size and budget is, and what does it achieve realistically?

Q What level of experience do you have?

Q. What variety of skills do you possess?

Q. Where have you gained the bulk of your knowledge and expertise?

Q. Can you multitask?

Q. Do you have experience in dealing with people with different backgrounds?

Q. Will you be the same handyperson quoted that arrives to do the job?

Q. How much detail is in the quote?

Q. How long does it take to provide the quote?

Q. How many years of experience do you have as a handyperson?

Q. What are your strengths, and what jobs will you not do?

Final things to consider when obtaining a free quote and why some charge.

The likelihood of closing the sale.
The problem needs a licensed handyperson to navigate and do the work after all.
Diagnosis required before planning the work.
How accurate, thorough and relevant the quote is?
What is documented in the quote? Does it reflect the interaction from the meeting?
Is there any information missing on the quote?
What information has been retained by the handyperson?
Complexity, the discussion of several jobs or doing it randomly as you go along?
What is missing in the quote?
Realistic estimated time frames to complete one or several works combined!
Their perceived knowledge of what it means, high-quality scope of deliverables?
Quality of tools and results the handyperson will deliver!
Response time to your questions/emails?
Communication skills, articulating what needs doing.
You’re paying for a handyperson to enter your premises and complete the work. It covers your entire experience dealing with them, from the initial phone conversation to their expertise in providing you with a service.

The handyperson that charges for quotes holds themselves and their business accountable to the client, the job and their reputation.
Provide valuable information from their services and expertise onsite.
Contribute to the overall success of every project.
From the beginning to the end are very pleasant and professional.
For whatever reason, do you require them to come back? Almost always They answer the phone and are more than happy to return.
Time, effort and scheduling jobs are with clients who are more than happy to pay for a quote. They’re ready and need to get the job done with minimal fuss.
Clients who pay for quotes understand that free quotes attract a “certain type of clientele” and a particular way of dealing with them, in return.
Prepared to go the extra mile, making time for you and the job a priority!
Since effort and time is combined preparing the quote, any financial surprises or disruptions to the project, is fully communicated. Before starting the job, not during or after the job is completed unless circumstances beyond control took place.


As a licensed professional tradesman, who values his time and his clients, I charge for quotes.

What do you charge to provide a quote?

A paid quote starts from $100+GST and upwards, depending on the size and complexity of the work. Quoting several items and installing will be on the lower end. Complete home makeovers, internal or external of your home, or both will be at the higher end.

I have a list of things I need to get done! I’ve researched online and noticed you have good reviews, provide a wide variety of skills, licensed and appear trustworthy. Why should I have to pay to find out how much the quote is going to cost me?

Why, ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE doesn’t offer free quotes

To stay consistent with continually providing an honest transparent and trustworthy service that you can use again and again that delivers quality work!

I do not just install or fix things to buildings, homes or commercial properties.

I provide a personalised service, cater to those who are particular requiring the job done right, by all means, making it look good. This process requires a thorough quote to get a good job.

When I pay for a quote, will I experience a different service?

Charging for quotes means, I do not factor this into the pricing. I value being honest, transparent, with minimal surprises.

What do I expect to see on a paid quote?

A digital mobile, desktop-friendly, quote sent to your email.
The quote is unlimited in viewing and download friendly, any time of the year.
Date, full name, licence no. business details and address
Ability to request references from previous clients
Client details and the address/location of the work to be carried out
Quote reference number
An accurate description of what the job entails and what is not
A breakdown of the elements (labour, materials)
Pictures, before and after.
Estimated time frames to complete works
Link to my current insurance certificate
Payment terms
Deposit amount
Anticipated start date and time
The total price
Written 3yrs warranty
Ability to print quote out
Ability to accept and sign the quote digitally
Bank details
Quote terms and conditions
Trust is something you cannot search, find, only experience!

People are wary about letting strangers into their houses. ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE built their reputation and foundation on being friendly, polite and upfront.

Being clean, capable, and trustworthy puts us ahead of the competition.

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